Tuesday, 1 March 2016

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Monday, 29 February 2016

Allama Abdul Malek Halim

Allama Abdul Malek Halim was the founder of the first women Qawmi Madrasah. He made more then 86 madrasah in Bangladesh.
Allama Abdul Malek Halim in a islamic program.

Birth Name         : Abdul Malek.
Name with title  : Allama Abdul Malek Halim al Ansari
Birth date            :
Birthplace           : Pukuria, Banshkhali, Chittagong
Migration            : Pukuria to Anwara

In his childhood he saw most of the women of the country were illiterate and totally was going to the wrong path. Some of them didn't know what is Islam exactly. They were reading in school. But in the schools there isn't Islamic educations for the girls. So they were doing lots of sins and bad works. So, he thought he should do something for them to save them from sins. Then he came Haildhar, Anwara from Pukuria, Banshkhali to make madrasah. Then he started with a little cottage. He doesn't had any money. So he started to farming to make food and to feed the children. Even, he cooked by himself for the children. Now after 44 years by the help of Allah its a property of billion taka (Bangladeshi money). More then thousand students are reading in the madrasah now. And more then 10000 student took degree from the madrasah. He made his 2nd women Qawmi madrasah in Ranabhola, Dhaka.